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The moment you step through our doors at Exortus CrossFit, our purpose is to help everyone find the healthiest version of themselves and achieve what they seek in their strength and fitness through expert coaching, guidance and instruction within the best training, very relaxed, fun, social and friendly atmosphere and environment. 

You are taught, encouraged and motivated to the highest standard to help you achieve any goal within an exciting, safe and fun manner.

 We ensure our facility is open and inclusive and suitable for all abilities and age groups. Whether your looking to improve your health, to increase your strength, to push forwards with your fitness or build a new version of yourself then we will complete all these tasks together as a community. Our community, our members and family are the sole of the affiliate and our main focus. If you are looking for a fun, varied, inclusive and effective fitness programme then come give us a try.



Exortus CrossFit is a family run affiliate. It is a community driven CrossFit affiliate based in Hartlepool, North East of England.

Exortus CrossFit was established by Ashley McFee
and Natalie McFee, Husband and Wife with a driven purpose to provide an inclusive, effective, social and friendly training experience and environment for everyone and anyone.





Our purpose at Exortus CrossFit is to help you live better, live with confidence and rise above any given situation you face. You will be inspired by what you see and pushed to believe in yourself.

You will be constantly supported by staff who care about you alongside a community here to support you no matter what through your entire journey with us are here to stay and help you focus on putting your health at the forefront and make sure we train for longevity and quality of life so that you can face whatever comes your ways at any given time.



Through high quality coaching and result driven programming alongside a supportive community, we will help all our members achieve their fitness goals and strive to work towards helping everyone live better.





Exortus creates a means to bring people together.
Building social connections naturally and creating
friendly interactions. We hold regular social events
both within and outside the gym itself which are
ways our community connects and interacts with
people they may not otherwise regularly see. Such
events are also way our members develop both
friendships and relationships. These are ways we
secure our members in becoming happy, relaxed and
stay engaged with everyone.



Opportunities where we hold in-house fitness events and challenges, and sometimes charitable events in order to put our fitness to the test or simply a way of congregating our community into en-joying showcasing their fitness and something they will cherish forever. These are ways of building friendships and a strong community.





We believe fitness is more than what we see. Sometimes
we want to get outside of the gym walls and explore, seek new adventures and visit alternative surroundings. We have varies challenges for our members and anyone who wishes to take part in available, these are ways of building friendships and a strong community.



Inclusion, Integrity, Consistency, Communication, Service, Positivity, Passion and Quality.




The degree of excellence of something our core product and this focuses on our classes, coaching, our facility and equipment to your overall experience. We strive to make everyones experience the best they have ever had.




Having a positive attitude from both the staff and our members makes a huge difference. Having a positive attitude as a whole can go a long way and its key to making the right goals, sticking to them and achieving them. We want to have a positive impact on everyones life including our own. We develop long lasting friendships and relationships within the gym by coming together as one, as a community. Always work with a positive attitude and never stray from your path.




We have a genuine passion for your health and wellbeing along with CrossFit. You will see our passion daily in our classes when you come to experience them. We are fired up every day, every hour to provide you with the best version of us and service possible. Our passion for health, for fitness, coaching and getting together is something we hope everyone can see and pass onto others. As the company grows, we strive for our staff to share these values and embody this passion we have. When you come to us, you will be welcomed and bombarded with passion. Our passion is for you, as you, the members are the heart of the affiliate and the reason why we do this.



We are here to help you and here to give you everything we have to do so. We serve others to help reach their goals and work relentlessly to provide you with the best possible experience.




We want to ensure we communicate with you every step of our journey. We also want you to speak up and tell us your thoughts. We listen so that we can better understand any given task and so that we can continuously improve our service.




Continuous demonstration provide you with the highest quality in everything we provide on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It is to demonstrate consistent performance to that staff and members can look up to you whilst you encourage those around you to act in the same way.




Do what is right by others, our team, members and the greater community. We vow to treat everyone with respect, regardless of your position and we expect the same to our team. We want you to speak freely and express your opinions in a respectful manner. Always remain humble and leave your ego at the door. It is about being open minded in yours and our discussions and will always put our members and team first before ourselves.




We open our doors to everyone regardless of their position, sex, race, nationality, skin colour, religion, beliefs, ability and opinions. We want to create an environment of trust through open communications and understanding by embracing different perspectives to help us make better decisions.

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